All of these folks in some way or another have helped out with the podcast over the years. We encourage all of our listeners to patronize one or all of them.

RewardsBanner001For more than 5 years, the guys at Brookhurst Hobbies have helped with the production of this podcast. Brookhurst provides a wide variety of hobby supplies and miniatures.

With over 30 years of business experience, Brookhurst is a great wargaming resource.




shogunpromobannerShogun Miniatures produces metal movement trays and magnetic bases. Custom orders are welcomed.


aplogoArmy Painter Paints and Quickshade. Whether you are a novice or experienced painter, Army Painter Hobby products offers a wide variety of products to help you get your armies painted. The Quickshade dip in one of the fastest methods of painting an army and getting them on the gaming table.





hussar-logoWinged Hussar Publishing produces military history and source documents which any budding historian would love to read and collect.


AOGAge of Glory offers a wide range of historical miniatures for your wargaming needs, such as Crusader, Redstar and Orinoco.

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