About the Podcast

The podcast grew out of my love of wargaming. One afternoon in late 2008- myself, Jason Witt and Mike Garner decided to start a podcast dedicated to our love of GW games. For over 2 years and 49 episodes we labored to bring enlightenment to our audience. At that time, we were known as Southern California Warhammer Radio. In our quest to be well rounded, and with the help of our buddy Jon Enge, we produced a series of videos which you can check out our videos (on YouTube) by clicking here.

In 2011, as my focus continued to shift towards ancient wargaming, so did the name and focus of the show. We changed our name, but the original format continued. We strive to bring open discussion to historical wargames, along with manufacturers and designers. This podcast is a labor of love and is guaranteed to be free and of marginal quality and content.

As always, we hope you enjoy the show.

The Guys of Southern California Warhammer Radio.

The Guys of Southern California Warhammer Radio.

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