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Historical Wargames Podcast

PodcastLogo2If you have come to this website you must have a love of History, Miniatures and Wargames. Either that, or you are really lost and should change your browser settings.

This podcast is formatted to air once a month and covers a wide range of topics; including rules, miniatures, events and the occasional special guest(s) from the rules design or manufacturing side of our hobby.

Beginning in late 2013, we have teamed up with The History Network and although we are entirely unworthy, have joined the ranks of Ancient Warfare Magazine Podcast and the Military Podcast. We would encourage you to check them out.

THNbannerBefore leaving this our website, we would ask that you visit our Sponsor Page. Simply put, our sponsors are what keep this podcast going; whether in terms of technical support or charitable contributions to several non-profit organizations which we support.

If you do make a purchase through one of our sponsors, please mention that your heard about them on the podcast!

Due to recent issues regarding the storage of some audio files on this website, all of our past episodes (prior to episode 22) will be available at THE HISTORY NETWORK.

Future episodes will continue to be uploaded to this website. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have a question, comment or idea for the show, you can contact us at

Thanks for listening- Pat Lowinger



3 thoughts on “Historical Wargames Podcast

  1. Dean

    It was a pleasure listening to your interview with Paul (aka Scrivs). He is such a gentleman and gaming persona. I feel honored to have met him – and keep in touch with him via our individual blogs. I am also very, very interested in the Hail Caesar variant he mentioned using WHFB – I would love to get my Empire guys involved with this. I was also very pleased to hear of Paul’s enthusiasm for Hail Caesar in general. It is my first choice for larger sized (read figures/units) games. I also agree with his use of a blog – a good reference not only for others, but also for the blog author. As prolific as Paul is, it is not surprising it is used by himself as a record for his achievements and endeavors. I like his review of Bolt Action vs. Chain of Command. I think I may stick with Bolt Action as I’m not too stuck on points and or exact historical unit TOE. Great interview!

  2. Paul Scrivens-Smith

    Thanks Pat for allowing me to take part, it was great to have a catch up with you too..

    To follow up on a couple of the things I mentioned in the blog:

    Steves’ supplement for the American Revolution is released by Warlord Games next month and you can pre-order here:

    Also, the Too Fat Lardies web page is here:

    Their Chain of Command videos can be found here:

    Thanks again.


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